Overlay Liquid Colorant

Product ID: MTC

Size: 24" x 24"
Product Details

BRICKFORM Overlay Liquid Colorant is an engineered blend of color admixtures for the BRICKFORM Stampable Overlay SC-60, Micro-Topping and SM Professional Grade product lines. BRICKFORM Overlay Liquid Colorant is UV resistant and manufactured to strict standards to ensure color uniformity and consistency. BRICKFORM Overlay Liquid Colorants are non-hazardous water-based formulations providing easy clean up and no hassle shipping. BRICKFORM Overlay Liquid Colorant is available in 39 standard colors, packaged in 10 oz. bottles. See the BRICKFORM Standard Color Selection color card for a complete list of available color.

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Color Cards

The Brickform 40 Standard Colors are available in Color Hardener, Antique Release, Antique-It, Cem-Coat, FreestylePro, Overlay Liquid Colorant, and Tinta' Seal. Disclaimer: This digital color card should be used as a general guide, not a definitive indicator of final color. Shades and hues can vary depending on screen settings. When planning a project, consult a physical color card for a better indication of potential color. Create a representative mockup before any project to better account for the effects of conditions, material, and techniques that may alter the final appearance or color.