Stones Of Athens

Product ID: PD-4

Size: 53.75" x 53.75"
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Stones of Athens The ancient city of Athens, Greece, crowned with marble temples such as the Parthenon and the Acropolis stands the test of time with millions of visitors walking the time old streets of Athens. A variety of different stones helped the Paladiano Team create Athens Stone, one of most intricate tools using over 14 combined textures: Limestone, Marble and Granite are all used next to each other detailing the fi ne craftsmanship of ancient Greece.

  • PD-4 Stones of Athens

  • PD-400 Full Tool – 47.75” x 23.875” (8 per set)

  • PD-405 2 x 2 Skin – 24” x 24” (3 per set)

  • PD-410 1 x 1 Skin – 12” x 12” (1 per set)

  • PD-400F Full Floppy – 47.75” x 23.875” (2 per set)

  • PD-400S Full Set with Instructional DVD (15 pieces per set)

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