Design Tape

Product ID: LDT

Product Details

Replicate nearly any surface design or pattern, including stone, tiles, slate, and freeform designs. Eliminate the need for chalk lines. Brickform Design Tape is strong, versatile, leaves no glue residue, and will not disintegrate, shed fiber hair, or cause grout bleeds.

  • LDT Design Tape

  • LDT90 ¼” Grout Line Design Tape – 36 per tube/144 per case

  • LDT91 ½” Grout Line Design Tape – 18 per tube/48 per case

  • LDT92 ¾” Grout Line Design Tape – 12 per tube/48 per case

  • LBT ½” Brick Design Tape – 18 per tube/72 per case

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