BRICKFORM Engineered Texturing Systems

Brickform Texturing Products

Brickform, the leader in Decorative Concrete, is proud to offer the largest selection of texture patterns with the highest degree of quality and precision. Our large selection of unique patterns and designs give the Architect and the Homeowner the options they need to create something truly special. The precision design, durability, and easy use give Contractors the tools they need to make those visions into realities.

Paladiano “Wonders of the World” Texture Mats by Bob Harris

Inspired by and modeled on historic European stone-work, the Paladiano line brings Old World charm wherever you want.

Contractor’s Choice Texture Mats

Designed with a keen eye to the feedback and desires of end-users, Contractor’s Choice Mats are a contractor’s best friend.

Creative Images Texture Mats

Make stamping concrete as easy as possible. Larger and firmer, Creative Images Mats give the best results with the least amount of effort.

Stone Texture Mats

If you desire the charm and beauty of natural stone, but not the expense and inconsistency, our Stone Texture Mats are an ideal choice.

Slate Texture Mats

Clean, sleek, and natural. Slate makes a wonderful choice for flooring. Achieve the same look without the headache by using our Slate Texture Mats.

Brick Texture Mats

Laying brick is backbreaking work. Save the hassle and bring the classic look into the modern world with our Brick Texture Mats.

Tile Texture Mats

The classic appearance of tile, with the durability of concrete. Our Tile Texture Mats add class and charm to interior and exterior surfaces.

Wood Texture Mats

Wood is beautiful, but concrete is durable. Achieve the best of both with our Wood Texture Mats. Get a wood texture where you never thought possible.

Seamless Skins

Achieve a consistent texture without worrying about grout lines, seams, or joints. Our Seamless Skins can also be pairs with texture mats to achieve even more unique textures.