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Unlock unique design potential with Concrete Dimensions. Compatible with exposed aggregate and broom finishes, light texture skins, Color Hardener, and regular flatwork, Concrete Dimensions can be used in any number of applications. Offer Concrete Dimensions as the focal point or simply as an add-on to an existing design.

Concrete Dimensions was invented by contractors for contractors. Originally developed to solve a single job-specific problem, Concrete Dimensions stencils were soon found to have a wide range of applications in decorative concrete. They are easier to use than stamps, allowing for reduced labor costs and faster production. Unlike paper stencils, Concrete Dimensions tools are reusable and create a clean, crisp imprint in the concrete similar to a decorative saw-cut. When Solomon Colors acquired the patent in late 2017, it would only be a matter of time before Concrete Dimensions was added to the Brickform product line and taken to the next level.

Few decorative concrete tools or products are this simple to use. Simply finish the concrete like normal. Make sure enough cream has been brought to the surface and the larger aggregates have been knocked down. Then carefully lay the Concrete Dimensions stencil in the correct spot and float the stencil into the concrete. Apply Surface Deactivator, Color Hardener, or use a lightly textured seamless skin over the Concrete Dimensions stencil. Then, come back the next day and peel up the stencil.

Concrete Dimensions Catalog

Step 1. Trowel it in.

Step 2. Apply Brickform Surface Deactivator.

Step 3. Pull out the stencil.


All alphabet sets come with 6 Inch Thin Numbers. Wide Number are sold Separately.
Sets include the following: (100 Stencils in Total)
Letter Qty: 6
123456789: 2
0: 4