Hotel Restoration: Cem-Coat Case Study

Cem Coat case study

The contractor used water when finishing the concrete at the entrance of the hotel. This led to washed out, faded color on the integrally colored concrete. As this was the front entrance to the hotel, the appearance of the concrete was determined to be very important. Traditionally, repairing the simple mistake would have meant tearing out and replacing the slab. Naturally, this would be an unacceptable interruption to the hotel’s daily operation.

The contractor in charge of the repair chose to use Brickform Cem-Coat to correct the color of the entrance. Cem-Coat is a durable, pigmented coating for smooth and lightly textured concrete. As a cementitious material, it adheres very well to existing concrete surfaces (when properly prepared). It is applied in a manner similar to paint – by roller or airless sprayer.

In this particular application, Cem-Coat provided two specific benefits: speed and color. Available in 40 standard colors, as well as custom matched colors, Cem-Coat works with most existing slabs or color schemes. More importantly, however, recoloring with Cem-Coat is a dramatically faster process than tearing out and replacing the concrete. Depending on ambient conditions and the size of application, a project such as this one could be reopened to traffic within a day.

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