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Welcome! If you are looking for beautiful, decorative concrete you are in the right place!

Why Brickform?

Brickform was founded in 1971 during the early days of modern decorative concrete. We provide comprehensive decorative concrete systems including classic stamped concrete systems, resurfacing and restoration systems, stains and dyes, premium decorative sealers, and exposed aggregate systems. Our systems approach insures all of the products used on your project work well together.


Sealer is there to protect the concrete. Maintaining the sealer is important to ensure long lasting and attractive concrete. Unmaintained or failing sealer looks bad and does not protect the concrete. For most sealers, you just need to clean it regularly with a neutral cleanser and clean water. When the sealer is worn through, reapply the sealer as directed in the product tech sheet. For interior application, a sacrificial coating such as Brickform Premium Acrylic Floor Finish can extend service life.