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Concrete Stamping System

Stamped concrete is the foundational decorative concrete system. Brickform is the leading name in stamped concrete, with half a century of experience in manufacturing professional grade materials for the concrete contractor. Concrete stamping combines the durability of concrete with the visual and textural appeal of stone, brick, slate, and pavers. With near infinite color and texture combinations, stamped concrete is a fine choice for residential and commercial properties.

Tuscany stone stamped concrete

Concrete Stamps

Surface textures are created by patterned stamps and seamless texture skins. Patterned stamp choices include:

  • Stone – Reduce labor costs and give more creative control and uniformity without sacrificing visual appeal.
  • Slate – Achieve the appearance of slate pavers without the limitations of high labor costs or fragile building materials.
  • Wood – Patterns range from rustic to contemporary and mimic a multitude of wood surfaces.
  • Brick – Mimic the natural appearance of brick pavers, while offering the longevity and durability of concrete.

Seamless texture skins are feathered-edged stamping tools that can be rotated and overlapped for infinite texture variety. Texture skins can be used to touch up and supplement patterned textures, or they can be used as the primary tool for a striking continuous texture. Specialty stamping tools such as medallions and borders, step and form liners, or vertical textures can be used to further customize your project.


Concrete color systems


When choosing colors for stamped concrete, it is recommended to compliment your existing hardscape versus trying to match an existing color.

  • Start with a base color
    • Integral color is mixed in the concrete truck and will create color throughout the concrete.
    • Color hardener is topically applied and allows for some freedom to color the concrete with bold or pastel colors that cannot be achieved with integrally colored concrete because of its gray base.
  • Accent with secondary colors
    • Antiquing colors add definition and variation.
    • Stains are also an option for coloring new or existing concrete projects. They may be used as accent colors to create a one-of-a-kind final look.



Many different sealers are available that provide various levels of color enhancement, surface sheen and protections for your concrete hardscape. Cure and seals make it possible to protect stamped concrete before it has cured.

Concrete Sealers

Concrete maintenance system

Maintenance & Restoration

Stamped concrete should be periodically cleaned using a broom, water, and mild detergent such as Neutra Clean, which also aids in the removal of release powders from stamped concrete.

Generally, concrete should also be resealed using the same sealer every two to three years, or as conditions dictate.

If you are working with existing stamped concrete that needs restoration or color correction, consider:


Complete the Stamping System

  • Evaporation retarderSlow moisture evaporation to improve workability and finishing time.
  • Stampable overlayStamp texture without pouring a new slab.
  • Touch up toolsJointing and grouting, touch up wheels, pounders and more.
  • Sprayers – Swissmex sprayers are ideally suited for applying sealers