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Find the Right Concrete Colors for Your Project

Check out these Brickform color charts to see what concrete colors are available for new and existing surfaces. See the options for powdered integral color, stains, dyes and other decorative applications. Find the right shades for bringing your project to life.

Disclaimer – Viewing online can lead to unreliable color comparisons*. Colors shown are representations based on a standard 6-sack mix. If using a different mix design, colors will vary. For this reason, always prepare samples for approval before construction. If you want physical copies of our color cards, please contact your local distributor.

Brickform Standard Color Card

Color Selection Guide

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  • Color Hardener
  • Antique Release
  • Antique-It
  • Cem-Coat
  • Overlay Liquid Colorant
  • Tinta’ Seal

Integral Color Charts

Integral colors for concrete are added into wet concrete mix before it is poured. Brickform’s integral colors are made of pure iron oxide pigments that disperse evenly throughout the mix for consistent coloring. 

Powdered Color

(Download PDF)

Brickform Powdered Color comes in 12 base colors that deliver 44 separate (distinct) concrete color shades.


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A blend of pigment and fiber, Ultra-M1x comes in 20 premium colors. 

See also: Solomon Colors Integral Color Card

Concrete Stain & Dye Colors

These surface-applied concrete colors are ideal for both new and existing surfaces. 

Blush-Tone Acid Stain

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Brickform Blush-Tone Acid Stain is available in 10 standard colors. Bring naturally varied and unrepeatable color to concrete. Creates permanent, earthy and classic coloration.

ARTesian Water-Based Stain

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Brickform ARTesian Stain is available in 20 standard colors. However, you’ll get hundreds of colors at your fingertips when you dilute and blend to create custom effects. 

Pro-Dye Plus

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Pro-Dye Plus is available in 25 standard colors. Get access to vibrant colors, perfect for interior concrete. 

See all concrete coloring products from Brickform.

*  Please note that Brickform does not assume responsibility for color matching.