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Concrete Overlay Products & Resurfacing

When a concrete slab is structurally sound but visually unappealing, it may be time to consider a decorative concrete overlay. Brickform's concrete overlay products allow for restoration without tearing out and replacing the concrete slab. This saves time, destruction, and disruption.


Can you put decorative concrete over existing concrete?

Absolutely! Brickform’s overlays are meant to be applied over existing concrete, transforming it into a decorative surface. In the hands of a skilled contractor, our resurfacing products completely change the look of old concrete floors, patios, and more.

What types of overlays are available?

Brickform offers a full line of overlays for indoor or outdoor applications including cementitious coatings, stampable overlays, micro-toppings, and vertical mixes for walls.

Which Brickform overlay is best for indoor flooring?

A popular choice for indoor floors is our Micro-Topping. It’s a thin, smooth coating that can be colored or stained, perfectly complementing any interior decor. However, some of our other choices can be used either inside or outside, check the TIS for more information.

Which Brickform overlay is best for exterior resurfacing?

For exterior resurfacing, we recommend Brickform’s Stampable Overlay, Cem-Coat or SM Pro. They are formulated for outdoor use and stand up well to UV exposure and the elements when sealed. The Stampable Overlay allows you to imprint patterns, Cem-Coat provides a decorative colored finish, and SM Pro is a sprayable topping.

Can I add color or patterns to the overlay?

Brickform overlays make adding vibrant colors and eye-catching patterns simple. Mixed-in overlay colorants, or post-applied stains, dyes or hardeners allow for limitless color options. Create textures like stone and brick using design tape or s/o compatible stamps. Knockdown or broom finishes are also an option.

Is surface preparation necessary?

Yes, properly preparing the surface ensures good adhesion and performance of overlays. This can involve cleaning, etching, stripping, grinding, repairing cracks, and applying primers. Check out Brickform’s concrete surface preparation products.

Do concrete overlays need to be sealed?

Yes, sealing is recommended to protect the overlay from moisture, stains, and UV rays. Some sealers also enhance color and sheen. Check out Brickform’s premium concrete sealers.

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