How to Use Tinted Sealer to Correct Color

Tinted sealer has a wide range of useful applications. It can be used as a primary color and as a repair product. When colored concrete has issues, tinted sealer could be a solution.

Before Tinta Seal
After Tinta Seal
After application of Brickform Tinta’ Seal

What is tinted sealer?

Tinted sealers are made up of two parts. The first part is a solvent-based acrylic sealer. The sealer is there primarily to protect and enhance the concrete. It also acts as a base or carrier for the pigment. The other component is the tint pack. Tint packs are per-measured color additives formulated for sealer. One tint pack is designed to blend perfectly with one five gallon pail of sealer. The pigment is in liquid form to aid dispersion and mixing.

How to use tinted sealer

Application is simple and straightforward for tinted sealer. As with traditional sealer applications, the first step is always surface preparation. Make sure the concrete is clean and free of any debris or contaminants. If the concrete is not porous enough for sealer to bond, take this opportunity to lightly etch or profile the surface. When the concrete is dry, start by adding the tint pack to the sealer. Shake the container of color to mix and add it to the sealer. Add a small amount of sealer into the tint pack container, shake, and return to the pail. This is important to ensure all the pigment is used. If using more than five gallons of sealer and multiple tint packs, intermix all material to ensure color consistency.

Apply the sealer as usual, using a solvent-resistant pump sprayer. To avoid bubbling and other symptoms of over-application use thin coats of sealer. After a few minutes, the first coat of sealer should be dry. Spray each subsequent coat in alternating directions for best coverage.

When to use tinted sealer

There are several instances in which a tinted sealer is the best coloring choice. For example, tinted sealer excels at color correction on integrally colored concrete. For example, if it rains during a pour, the color will appear bleached or uneven. Water used as a finishing aid also has this effect. Use tinted sealer to help even the coloration and ensure a happy client. So long as there is nothing to inhibit the adhesion of the sealer, tinted sealer can be used to correct or reduce the effects of most color issues.

Tinted sealer can also be used to add color where it did not exist before. Gray concrete can easily and quickly be colored just by adding a tinted sealer. This can be presented as a budget friendly option on a wide range of project types, including municipal and commercial properties. Tinted sealer is great for restorations and new installations.

How long does tinted sealer last

Lifespan of the color is based on the sealer. Most decorative acrylic sealers will last between two and three years depending on conditions. Variables such as traffic and weather will decrease the overall lifespan on the sealer and can lead to thin spots and wear patterns. Periodically reseal the concrete using the same sealer and tint pack to ensure strong, even coloration as well as good sealer performance. Keep the surface clean and promptly clean up contaminants such as spilled beverages or chemicals. Use best practices for sealer application and maintenance throughout.

New for 2020, Solomon Colors launched Brickform Poly-Tint 400. Poly-Tint is a pre-tinted sealer that comes in brown and gray options. It is perfect for quick restoration or repair work as well as enhancing colored flatwork and exposed aggregate concrete.

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