Opportunities with Concrete Spray Texture

Concrete spray texture is an incredibly flexible finish option. When considering how to texture concrete, spray textures offer several key benefits to the contractor and project owner alike. Read more to see the different ways spray textures might be the right choice for your home, business, or contracting company.

Concrete Spray Texture

For Contractors

A concrete spray texture adds many options to your toolbox. Spray mixes have a low barrier to entry, which makes them great for new contractors and those looking to expand their business. You don’t need a large crew, excavating equipment or many specialized tools. For most applications, you only need an air compressor and hopper gun or basic floats and squeegees. With this combination of tools, you can complete most moderately sized jobs with a small crew of only a few people.

Even for experienced contractors, spray textures are a good business opportunity. Mastering overlays gives you new ways how to texture concrete. Spray texture overlays can be a quick turnover project, perfect for filling out your schedule or off season work. The can also introduce you to a whole new set of clients, looking to restore or enhance concrete rather than replacing it.

Spray texture overlay

For Homeowners

Are you worried about what that excavating equipment is going to do to your manicured lawn or garden? Spray texture overlays might be the answer. If the existing concrete is structurally sound, your contractor can use an overlay to add texture and pattern without disrupting your landscaping. Of all the ways how to texture concrete patio, spray texture overlays are the least invasive.

Spray texture overlays and other toppings can be much more cost effective, too. By resurfacing concrete instead of replacing it, you can save significantly on materials and labor costs. Furthermore, overlays can be installed and completed faster because of the reduced steps. This makes spray textures an even more attractive option when upgrading or refreshing your outdoor living spaces.

Designing with Spray Textures

If you look at enough pool decking pictures, you’ve likely seen plenty of spray texture overlays. Pool decks are the most common application, but spray texture overlays are frequently used on concrete patios and sidewalks as well. A wide range of colors are available for these overlays. A near infinite number of patterns can be created using design tape.

Contractors can use pre-made paper stencils in conjunction with spray overlays. Using design tape, contractors can create custom free form patterns that mimic flagstone, brick, tiles, and more. Logos and other designs can even be created using tape or custom cut vinyl stencils. This means no two projects have to be the same, with everyone getting their own unique designs!

Resurfacing concrete often comes when the concrete is cracked and damaged. For best results, learn to work with these cracks and surface defects when designing spray texture overlays. After filling cracks, match them with “grout” lines as closely as possible. That way, if the crack reappears, it won’t be as visible. After the overlay has cured, you can use water based stains to give slightly different colors to different stones and bricks in the design. This creates a more varied and natural appearance.

damaged concrete
concrete overlay
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