The WACP is a New Organization Supporting Women in the Concrete Industry

The WACP Kickoff event is September 23-24 at Decorative Concrete Institute in Temple GA.

There’s a new organization in the concrete industry that’s aiming to shake things up when it comes to representation. It’s the WACP, or the Women’s Association of Concrete Professionals™. This group of women in concrete has the goal of supporting women in the field of concrete design and construction management. They provide resources and mentorship to anyone who is interested in taking advantage of these connections.

The board of the WACP  is comprised of:

  • Sarah Elizabeth Bryan
  • Lee Ann Harris
  • Crystal Ploszay
  • Carla Nickodemus
  • Rebecca Fuscardo
  • Rachel Knigge-Bruce

All of these women are concrete and construction management professionals with years of expertise. Their resources are now united toward bringing women into an otherwise male-dominated industry.

The board is made up of a team of industry trendsetters pursuing “to be a resourceful association and give women the opportunity to be mentored,” says Lee Ann Harris, WACP President-Elect and co-owner of Decorative Concrete Institute. “We have a lot of contacts…we want to give inspiration and direction to those women who want to be involved.” This topic of mentorship and being a resource for everyone is something that the women of the WACP continued to reiterate while discussing the historic toxicity facing women within the industry.

Sarah Elizabeth Bryan, WACP President and EVP of Slurry Monster echoes this message of mentorship by saying, “We’re a group put together to support this small amount of women in the industry that do need the resources and the mentorship and guidance to figure out where they are going. We hope to provide those resources.” Bryan’s message is simple, “For women in the industry, or who are looking to get into the industry, you can do it.”

Bryan and the rest of the board made it clear that the WACP was not a feminist organization, but an encouraging place for anyone, especially women, to come for resources, connections, and mentorship. “We definitely have the support of the men, and we couldn’t do what we’re doing without the support of the men,” stated Rebecca Fuscardo, WACP Director and owner of Fuscardo Concrete.

The construction industry is dominated by men. This is a fact that all the women in the WACP acknowledge. “I have never seen anything like it,” states Fuscardo. “If you don’t have somebody to help you and connect you to somebody, it’s very hard to do. That’s what we want to do. We want to help get women out there. It’s hard to get workers, and women are quite capable.”

The WACP Kickoff Event is September 23-24 at Decorative Concrete Institute in Temple GA. There will be keynote speakers as well as panels with each of the women on the board. They have extended the $99 ticket fee and registration is still open. This event is not exclusive to women, and anyone is able to attend and be a part of the organization.

For more information, visit the WACP website.

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