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Concrete Coverage Calculator

To Calculate Product Coverage Rate per Unit of Product:
Square Feet of Project ÷ Coverage per Unit = Quantity of Product Units Needed


If you have a 1000 square foot room that needs sealed with Brickform Deco-Poxy, looking at the chart below, Brickform Deco-Poxy has a coverage rate of 400 to 500 sqft. Whenever calculating coverage, use the smallest of the coverage rate numbers in the range to ensure you don’t run out. In this case you would use 400 sqft.

1000 sq ft ÷ 400 sq ft = 2.5 (Qty. Units)
You would want to buy 3 of the 1.5 gal kits of Deco-Poxy to complete this project.

Coverage-Chart (PDF)