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Seamless Concrete Texture Skins

Texture skins, also known as seamless concrete stamps, are feathered edge stamping tools that can be rotated and overlapped for infinite texture variety. Texture skins can be used to touch up and supplement patterned textures, or they can be used as the primary tool for striking, continuous texture. Each texture is available in Small (24" x 24"), Medium (36" x 36") and Large (48" x 48").


Blue Stone

FM-A A natural stone surface with a sandy texture that includes clefts which leave a layered appearance.

View Blue Stone


FM-B A natural stone surface, similar to Veronica Stone but with a finer texture.

View Limestone

Rough Stone

FM-C A natural stone texture characterized by a continuous coarse surface with several distinguishing veins.

View Rough Stone
Heavy Stone

Heavy Stone

FM-D A rough, natural stone surface containing chips, fractures, pockmarks and veins.

View Heavy Stone

Sanded Slate

FM-E Similar to our slate texture with the addition of a lightly sanded appearance across the entire texture field.

View Sanded Slate

Renaissance Slate

FM-F A natural stone surface with a slight sandstone texture that includes various veins, typically running in a similar direction.

View Renaissance Slate
Chiseled Slate Slab

Chiseled Slate

FM-G A naturally laminated stone texture, split along parallel planes, hand-tooled to create a chipped, fragmented look.

View Chiseled Slate

Roman Sanded Slate

FM-H A sanded slate stone surface that utilizes dips, ridges and veins to create a continuously changing texture across the entire surface.

View Roman Sanded Slate

Roman Smooth Slate

FM-I A smooth slate stone surface that utilizes dips, ridges and veins to create a continuously changing texture across the entire surface.

View Roman Smooth Slate

FM-J Yucatan

A stone surface consisting of deep chips, pits and fractures creating a continuously undulating texture.

View FM-J Yucatan

Sierra Seamless

FM-K A natural stone texture with an ocean-worn surface that combines rough, heavy, stone appearance with water-washed ridges, veins and clefts.

View Sierra Seamless

Rocky Mountain

FM-L A natural stone surface that incorporates a rough, uneven texture with naturally etched veins and ridges.

View Rocky Mountain

FM-M Veronica Stone

The design is similar to Bush Stone, and appears to be created by a mason’s bush hammer with a pitted and irregular surface. *Made-to-Order, Call for production lead time.

View FM-M Veronica Stone

FM-N Texas Sea Shells

Random pieces of sea shells and coral of various sizes, shapes and types laid in a random fashion over a field of sand.

View FM-N Texas Sea Shells

Smooth Slate

FM-O A naturally laminated stone texture, split along parallel planes, creating an uneven surface that incorporates various veins and ridges.

View Smooth Slate

Desert Slate

FM-P A simulated slate texture that combines numerous clefts and irregular surfaces to create the ideal concrete impressions.

View Desert Slate

Elk Mountain

FM-Q A consistent light stone texture, making it appealing for indoor and outdoor applications.

View Elk Mountain

FM-R Elk Mountain Veined

A light stone texture with well-placed fractures, making it apealing for indoor and outdoor applications.

View FM-R Elk Mountain Veined

Regal Ashlar Slate

FM-S A robust texture, with constantly changing ridges that bring a majestic and noble look to any surface.

View Regal Ashlar Slate

FM-T Cracked Mud

A bold, daring, natural earth texture with a surface that looks and feels real.

View FM-T Cracked Mud

FM-U Lunar Rock

An out-of-this-world look that will transform any hardscape. The surface boasts a meteor shower of texture with a variety of impacted stones.

View FM-U Lunar Rock

Super Slate

FM-V A blended slate pattern with enhanced highlights.

View Super Slate

FM-W Sidewalk Stone

A rustic blend of soft and strong textures, giving a traditional feel to any surface.

View FM-W Sidewalk Stone

FM-X Riviera Texture

A natural laminated stone texture, split along parallel planes, creating an uneven surface that incorporates various veins and ridges.

View FM-X Riviera Texture
casa rubia

FM-Y Casa Rubia

A unique hand-chiseled texture that yields a thatch-like appearance. Great for pool decks.

View FM-Y Casa Rubia

Ultra Flex textures are great for finishing corners. Classic Flex are traditional rigidity with detailed feathered edges. Finally, Standard Flex are tough, rigid skins with a tight feathered edge.

How to Stamp Concrete with Texture Skins

Texture skins and seamless skins make up a diverse class of stamped concrete finishes and patterns. Texture skins are often called seamless skins because of their trademark feathered edges that allow tools to be overlapped during stamping. This creates continuous textures that do not have simulated grout or mortar joints like other stamp textures. Stampers often use texture skins as the primary stamp because of their design flexibility and ease of use.

Most texture skins are non-directional. This means the tool can be rotated and used in any orientation. Place the first tool with the second tool overlapping it by about 20%. Use a large pounder to imprint the patterns on the concrete. Lift the overlapped edges and place the second tool under the first tool, pounding again to reduce lines and get a better texture. Repeat this process, rotating the texture skins one quarter turn every time they are placed. After the concrete has cured, cut control joints to mimic tile or slate.