• Consistent exposure and reveal
  • 12 standard exposure depths
  • Colored for visual coverage control
  • Creates a slip-resistant surface
  • Performs in hot and cold conditions
  • Water-based; VOC compliant
  • Coordinating SwissMex Sprayer DS-8042 or DS-8182

Each exposure depth is color-coded for easy identification.
Spray Select-Etch onto freshly-placed concrete, wait for the underlying concrete to sufficiently harden, then use running water with a push broom, high-pressure washing, or a rotary buffer with bristle attachment and water for removal.
How to Use Select-Etch

Watch this video for a complete overview of how to use Select-Etch.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Apply Select-Etch immediately after the final finishing pass
  • Remove once the underlying concrete has sufficiently hardened (typically 5 to 12 hours after application)
  • Use E-Etch® and Neutra Clean as a final cleaning process before sealing
  • Once the slab is completely dry use any of our Brickform sealers to protect the surface
select ecth video