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  • 1 gal. bottles or 5 gal. pails
  • 60 to 100 ft2 per gal
  • Less than 50% VOC by weight
  • Non-flammable
  • Contains no methylene chloride
Strip-It Concrete Sealer Remover

How to Remove Concrete Sealer with Strip-It

Watch these videos to learn how to use Brickform Strip-It, a concrete sealer stripper, for getting aged, worn or discolored sealer off concrete. Find out what protective gear you’ll need, as well as what application equipment is required for this job. See how to effectively remove sealer by working in small sections at a time.

Watch how each step is done:

  1. Applying the stripper
  2. Scrubbing the surface
  3. Removing emulsified sealer
  4. Final wash with E-Etch and Neutra Clean