Sleek, Modern Concrete Floors

To help a homeowner create his vision for a home with a sleek, modern appearance, Brickform product was used to color the chic floors.  

polished concrete flooring winston salem
Brickform’s Powdered Integral Color in Shale, used for this polished concrete floor, helped achieve the homeowner’s desire to create a modern aesthetic in his home.

For his new home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, a professional architect wanted his design aesthetic reflected. Tending to lean towards a modern look, he opted for polished concrete.

“He wanted the flooring in his home to echo the elements found in modern design,” says Jon Millner of Perfection Plus, Inc., the contractor who completed this job. The next step? Choosing a color that would fit the desired design. Seeking a natural color in a deeper tone that would set off the home’s white walls, modern furnishings, and bright accents colors, he opted for Brickform’s Powdered Integral Color in Shale.

Brickform’s Powdered Integral Colors are pre-packaged pigmented powders that can be added directly to ready-mix. Contractors appreciate that it disperses evenly throughout the concrete when thoroughly mixed, so color inconsistency isn’t a concern.

The gorgeous charcoal-gray colored surfaces throughout the home help achieve the modern, sleek design the homeowner desired.

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