Walkway & Driveway Colors Coordinate with Home’s Exterior

A contractor used several Brickform colors on a decorative concrete walkway and driveway to complete the elegant look of this home’s exterior.

walkway driveway concrete colors
At a front yard in Akron, Ohio, two of Brickform’s concrete coloring products, Color Hardener and Antique Release, were used to create an elegant decorative concrete walkway and driveway.

Homeowners in Akron, Ohio, were looking to replace their existing driveway and walkways when they decided on decorative stamped concrete. “They wanted it to add to the home and enhance its curb appeal so people wouldn’t just notice the driveway,” says Matt Zook of J&H Decorative Concrete. Zook suggested adding a border and putting bands through the driveway which would serve to break up the color a bit and make the surface more interesting.

After the homeowners and Zook discussed what colors would look best, Zook meticulously tested several color combinations. For the main fields of pavement, he chose Brickform’s Color Hardener in Pecos Sand, accented with an Antique Release Agent in Walnut. For the border color, which he wanted to match with the brown trim on the home, Zook chose Brickform’s Color Hardener in Walnut mixed with Oyster White.

Brickform’s Color Hardeners, which are used to color the surface of concrete, are created with UV-resistant pigments and high-quality aggregates—so the color really lasts. Going beyond just coloring the surface, Color Hardeners create a layer that is resistant to abrasion and impact. They are available in 42 different colors that can be mixed in various ways to create custom colors.

Antique Release is a colored powder that helps prevent imprinting stools from sticking during the stamping process. Instead, contractors can remove the texturing mats easily without getting concrete buildup on the stamp. As a result of being pressed into the concrete during the stamping process, the Antique Release creates a secondary color on the surface. Like Color Hardeners, Antique Release is available in 42 different colors. They can also be mixed and matched to the client’s liking.

The finished color coordinates with the exterior of the home and adds to the overall elegance of the property.

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