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Cobblestone & Fan Concrete Stamp Patterns

Brickform's cobble & fan concrete stamps capture the historic charm of the Old World. Crafted with precision and detail, these stamps bring the rugged, weathered look of cobblestone to your projects. Whether you're recreating the quaint streets of a European village or adding a touch of traditional elegance to modern settings, these stamps will do the job.


Pavimento of Paris

Bring the Parisian magic back with this repetitive, fish scale design featuring hand-quarried granite stones.

View Pavimento of Paris

Yorkshire Cobble

Recreate the time-worn 13th Century cobbles.

View Yorkshire Cobble
62156 Edinburgh Cobble

6" x 6" Edinburgh Cobble

A rugged weathered cobblestone pattern.

View 6" x 6" Edinburgh Cobble
Cheshire Cobble

Cheshire Cobble

A traditional cobblestone pattern with smooth, ungrouted joints.

View Cheshire Cobble
London Cobble

London Cobble

A traditional lightly textured cobblestone pattern.

View London Cobble
fm 580 large cobble

Large Cobble

Larger rough-cut cobblestone.

View Large Cobble
European Fan

European Fan

An elegant European fan pattern, consisting of slightly curved rectangular slate stones.

View European Fan
Roman Cobble

Roman Cobble

A historic reproduction of cobbles that have a variety of stone shapes for old world appeal.

View Roman Cobble
TM 820A

Pennsylvania Cobble – Sanded Joint, TM-820

31.5″ x 47.5″ (80.01 x 120.65 cm)Pattern: A

View Pennsylvania Cobble – Sanded Joint, TM-820

Pennsylvania Station Cobble – Smooth Joint, TM-840

53.5″ x 30.875″ (135.89 x 78.42 cm)Pattern: A

View Pennsylvania Station Cobble – Smooth Joint, TM-840
FM 1151a

Metro Cobble 2, FM-1151 s/o

24″ x 32″ (60.96 x 81.3 cm)Blue

View Metro Cobble 2, FM-1151 s/o
Windsor Cobble

Windsor Cobble, FM-500 s/o

22.75″ x 29.75″ (57.78 x 75.56 cm)Blue

View Windsor Cobble, FM-500 s/o
European Fan tm 400

European Fan, TM-400

28″ x 50″ (71.12 x 127 cm)Pattern: A

View European Fan, TM-400
TM 1600

Teardrop Fan, TM-1600

56″ x 60″ (142.24 x 152.4 cm)Pattern: A

View Teardrop Fan, TM-1600