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Slate Patterns for Stamped Concrete

Thin, hand-hewn slate with natural texture is an attractive flooring option for indoors and out. Achieve the appearance of slate pavers without the limitations of high labor costs or fragile building materials. Use highly detailed slate and ashlar slate concrete texturing tools to achieve the same look economically.

Rough Cut Ashler Example

Rough Cut Ashlar

Rough hand-tooled stones arranged in an Ashlar pattern.

View Rough Cut Ashlar


An Ashlar pattern of blue stone slate.

View Ashlar
36 inch Ashlar Cut Slate wo Insert

36" Ashlar Cut Slate

Stones with a slate surface, in an Ashlar pattern.

View 36" Ashlar Cut Slate
FM 3125 AshlarCutSlate

Ashlar Cut Slate

A naturally laminated stone texture split along parallel planes, hand-tooled to create a more pronounced, chipped, fragmented texture with small, deep joints.

View Ashlar Cut Slate
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Large Ashlar Cut Slate

Similar to Ashlar Cut Slate but the overall size is larger, with a softer texture.

View Large Ashlar Cut Slate
American Ashlar Slate

American Ashlar Slate

FM-3160S-PRO 48″ x 30″ (121.9 x 61 cm)Red and Blue

View American Ashlar Slate
Walkway Slate

Walkway Slate

Square and rectangular slate tiles, of various sizes, set in parallel rows.

View Walkway Slate
California Weave

California Weave

Slate bricks form a woven pattern around a slate square.

View California Weave
Herringbone Slate

Herringbone Slate

A classic herringbone pattern of slate stones laid at right angles to each other.

View Herringbone Slate
Grand Ashlar

Grand Ashlar

Stones of various shapes and sizes laid in an Ashlar pattern, with a slate texture.

View Grand Ashlar
rotating venetian marble

Fractured Cyprus Slate

These natural slate textures feature fractured, split edges and bold cut textures in an irregular pattern with uniform joints.

View Fractured Cyprus Slate
Aidan Ashlar

Aidan Ashlar, FM-3130 s/o

23.125″ x 23.125″ (58.74 x 58.74 cm)Red, Yellow and Blue

View Aidan Ashlar, FM-3130 s/o
FM 3575

Running Bond Slate, FM-3575

24.5″ x 60.5″ (62.23 x 153.67 cm)Blue

View Running Bond Slate, FM-3575
FM 3650B

Regal Ashlar Blue Stone, FM-3650 s/o

36″ x 36″ (91.44 x 91.44 cm)Red, Yellow and Blue

View Regal Ashlar Blue Stone, FM-3650 s/o