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  • 1.5 gal. kit
  • 400 to 500 ft2 per kit
  • Low odor/low VOC
  • High gloss clear finish
  • Enhances color
  • Chemical resistant
  • Interior use only
How to Use Brickform Decopoxy Video

Brickform Decopoxy is a water-based, low VOC penetrating epoxy coating suited for floors. Decopoxy is great for residential and commercial applications alike. In this video, see how Decopoxy is used to seal and protect a colored concrete floor in a restaurant restroom. These same techniques could be used in most any retail, food service, or residential property with a concrete floor.

Start by preparing and cleaning the slab to ensure Decopoxy has a good bond. Sweep and remove any loose dirt. Use a wire brush or scraper on more difficult marks, such as paint chips. Be careful not to damage the surface. Use Brickform E-Etch to clean and degrease the surface followed by Neutra Clean to neutralize and prepare for the sealer. Rinse with clean water and vacuum dry. Stir Decopoxy Parts A and B separately to agitate any settled solids. Add Part B to a bucket, followed by Part A. Mix by hand or using a drill with paddle attachment, being careful to avoid adding air bubbles. Transfer the mixed Decopoxy to a new vessel and apply within the 2 hour pot life.

Before application, mask off areas that shouldn’t be sealed. Use a sponge brush or detail brush to apply sealer to edges and tight spaces. Apply Decopoxy with a 1/4 inch nap roller. Use a crosshatch pattern to avoid roller marks and ensure an even coat. For best results, use two light coats of Brickform Decopoxy. Brickform Premium Acrylic Floor Finish is the recommended product for a sacrificial coating to extend the product lifespan.

How to use Brickform DecoPoxy