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  • 4 gallon backpack sprayer
  • Blue fan tip, adjustable brass nozzle, and brass wand included
  • Best for aromatic solvent-based sealers, form oils, curing compounds and water-based products



The following Brickform products should be used in Solvent Sprayers:

  • *Gem Cure & Seal 309 100 VOC
  • Gem Cure & Seal 309 350 VOC
  • Gem Cure & Seal 1315 Matte
  • GemSeal 700
  • Liquid Release
  • **Water-Based Products

*These sealers contain both acetone and aromatic solvents. Clean immediately after use.
** Can be used in any Swissmex Sprayer, but Solvent Sprayers are recommended.

Clean solvent sprayers with xylene or equivalent.

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