Introducing ProSeries: Brickform Stamps Get Lighter & Thinner

Improved, lightweight stamping technology makes it easier for concrete contractors to create authentic impressions for clients. 

Up to 25% lighter

Brickform has always offered high-quality stamps that give contractors the ability to install gorgeous surfaces with realistic impressions—and those stamps just got even better. We are proud to introduce our ProSeries Stamps. 

Using the most up-to-date urethane technology, we’ve made our stamps lighter, thinner, and slightly more rigid. These new stamps feature the same great molds as before, plus a few new patterns. ProSeries will be available at your local Brickform distributor.

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These upgrades make it easier to create the perfect impression, while being more efficient. “Brickform ProSeries stamps are an excellent choice because they are highly durable and can withstand frequent use, making them a long-lasting investment for distributors and contractors,” says Brickform trainer Johnny D. “Their lightweight nature also makes them easier to handle and maneuver, reducing fatigue on the user.”

New ProSeries Patterns

Many of the same patterns you know and love are available as part of ProSeries, just look for part numbers that end in -PRO.

This includes our most popular stamps like:

Plus we’ve also added two new patterns:

And if you use oversized stamps, ProSeries is a must. “You’ll really notice the weight reduction on our large medallion and compass rose stamps,” says Brickform’s Antonio Thomas. 

Paladiano Stamps Relaunched as ProSeries 

The Paladiano line of stamps were cast from natural stones from various historical regions around the world. These stamps have been popular for years, and we are pleased to continue providing them with our upgraded ProSeries technology. “Plus, we’ve reduced the number of tools required for each Paladiano pattern, making the sets simpler to use,” explains Thomas.

Check them out here:

What if you already own Brickform stamps? Are they compatible with ProSeries?

If you already have Brickform stamps, they are not compatible with the new ProSeries. However, the previous versions of the tools, TM and FM series, are still available through special order (with lead times).

We can help if you want to expand your existing sets or replace individual tools. To purchase previous versions, contact the Brickform team and place a special order.

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