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A variety of textured limestone, marble, and granite make this one of the most intricate and varied textures available. There is immense history behind these stones; the very same ones that surround the Parthenon and the Acropolis.

Part # Stones of Athens Size Weight # Per Set
PD-400 Full tool 47.75” x 23.875” 24lbs 8
PD-405 2×2 skin 24” x 24” 4 lbs 3
PD-410 1×1 skin 12” x 12” 1 lb 1
PD-400F Full Floppy 47.75” x 23.875” 17 lbs 2
FM-6570 Touch-up wheel 1
PD-400S Full set Stones of Athens with Instructional DVD 15
Stones of Athens Concrete Stamp, Paladiano Texture Video

Stones of Athens is one of the most intricate patterns in the Paladiano line. With textures cast from real ancient Athenian streets, Stones of Athens perfectly captures the feel of the birthplace of Western Civilization. Designed with the professional stamper in mind, all Paladiano textures include a wide selection of full-sized tools, textures skins, flexible stamps, borders, and insets for the best quality stamp job possible.

In this video, decorative concrete legend Bob Harris outlines the history behind this stamp, the tools provided in each set, and best use practices. Stones of Athens includes specially designed borders, quarter stamps and full-sized stamps that are engineered for perfection. With an appropriately sized slab, Stones of Athens allows the stamper to avoid hand-jointing entirely.