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Stone Patterns for Stamped Concrete

Stone is a natural material with inherent beauty. For millennia, it has been the standard paving and building material. While its rustic appeal still holds in modern times, the expense and limitations are a deterrent. Stone textures for stamped concrete reduce the labor costs and give more creative control and uniformity without sacrificing visual appeal. See more concrete stamps by Brickform.

hammered sofia stone

Hammered Sofia Stone

This set features uniformly rough textured stones similar to the granite and limestone that makes up Sofia’s streets and plazas.

View Hammered Sofia Stone
Plaza Stone

Plaza Stone

Bring a touch of modern elegance to any project with this stylish slate tile stamp.

View Plaza Stone
Random Stone

Random Stone

A natural looking arrangement of slate-textured random stones.

View Random Stone
Mesa Random Stone

Mesa Random Stone

TM-500S-PRO 61.75″ x 61.75″ (156.85 x 156.85 cm)Pattern: A

View Mesa Random Stone
Random Stone FM 700

Random Stone

A random stone concrete stamp that is heavily textured to mimic random fieldstones.

View Random Stone


A flagstone concrete stamp that mimics real flagstones with hand-chiseled edges grouped in a random formation.

View Flagstone

Large Random Stone

Similar to Random Stone but 40% larger.

View Large Random Stone
fm 1295new08a

Patio Stone

A roughly textured arrangement of random stones.

View Patio Stone
Castle Stone

Castle Stone

Irregular shaped natural stones.

View Castle Stone

Verona Stone

A unique random pattern of irregular stones.

View Verona Stone
Tuscany Stone

Tuscany Stone

A large tool with a stone texture and interlocking joints on all four sides.

View Tuscany Stone
FM3175E 1821530

Yorkstone Set

A natural, blue stone surface with a sandy texture that includes veins throughout, creating a layered composition.

View Yorkstone Set
Stones of Athens Example

Stones of Athens

A variety of textured limestone, marble, and granite make this one of the most intricate and varied textures available.

View Stones of Athens
FM 150 Australian Ashlar

Australian Ashlar Cut Stone, FM-150 s/o

23.25″ x 23.25″ (59.05 x 59.05 cm)Red, Yellow and Blue

View Australian Ashlar Cut Stone, FM-150 s/o
FM 675R

San Juan Pavers, FM-675

29.5″ x 30″ (74.9 x 76.2 cm)Red

View San Juan Pavers, FM-675
FM 725B

Beverly Hills Random Stone, FM-725

29.125″ x 29.125″ (74 x 74 cm)Red, Yellow and Blue

View Beverly Hills Random Stone, FM-725
FM 800

Blue Stone, FM-800 s/o

36″ x 36″ (91.4 x 91.4 cm)Blue

View Blue Stone, FM-800 s/o
FM 1285

Garden Stone, FM-1285

36″ x 36″ (91.4 x 91.4 cm)Red

View Garden Stone, FM-1285
English Field Stone

English Field Stone, FM-1350

18″ x 39.75″ (45.72 x 100.97 cm)Red

View English Field Stone, FM-1350
Rotating Venetian Marble Example

Rotating Venetian Marble

Recreate Venetian travertine and marble pavers, honed and worn by hundreds of years.

View Rotating Venetian Marble