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  • Slows surface evaporation extending work times by 15 to 30 minutes
  • Increases abrasion & impact resistance
  • Reduces the potential for efflorescence on both colored and non-colored concrete
  • Minimizes the potential for checking, crazing and scaling
  • Reduces water vapor transmission (MVER)
  • Aids application of shake-on hardeners
  • Reduces potential for slab curling
  • Decreases potential for alkali silica reaction (ASR)
  • Reduces operator fatigue and trowel wear
  • Improves curing and creates a less permeable surface
  • Coordinating Swissmex sprayer: DS-8041,DS-8351 or DS-8401
DAY1 Finishing Aid
DAY1 is available as a ready-to-use formula (green) or a concentrate (gold).
Apply DAY1 using a low-pressure pump sprayer. Use either a fan tip or a cone tip for even spraying. Automatic low-pressure sprayers can also be used for larger projects.
Power Trowel
DAY1 can also be applied through the water tanks of a ride-on trowel.
Concrete Finishing is Easier & More Efficient with DAY1

Applying DAY1 while finishing concrete slabs makes the process easier, faster, and produces better results. This concrete finishing aid offers so many benefits, it’s like having an extra finisher on the job.

day1 video