Basement Floor Transformed with Concrete Stains & Dyes

Brickform’s coloring products were used to renovate the previously damaged floor of this basement, creating a gorgeous surface for the homeowners to enjoy.

basement floor stained concrete
Brickform’s stain, dye, and sealer was used on this basement floor to create a beautiful color customized to the homeowner’s liking.

After a leak ruined the carpet in their basement and created a musty smell that aggravated their allergies, homeowners in Lebanon, Tennessee, knew something major needed to happen. That’s when they contacted Ryan Samford of The Design Center in Franklin, TN, to redo the flooring in their basement. 

Samford ripped up the carpet to uncover double tack strip along the edges along with spray-painted words and diagrams on the concrete from when the home was originally built. He needed to find a way to cover up the unsightly surface—that’s when he turned to Brickform’s ARTesian Stain and Pro-Dye Plus.

Brickform’s ARTesian Stain is a water-based stain that doesn’t require acid or reactive chemicals, so it’s easy, safe, and predictable to use. Because it reacts with the surface it’s applied to, it creates a color effect that’s unique and can’t be duplicated. It’s available in 18 standard colors.

Brickform’s Pro-Dye Plus is a liquid dye that penetrates the surface of the concrete to create a layer of translucent color that dries quickly. It doesn’t chip, crack, or peel and is available in 26 different colors.

After using a grinder to even out the 800-square-foot surface and remove excess materials, Samford applied the ARTesian Stain in Camelback. He then sealed the surface with Brickform’s DecoPoxy, a water-based, low-VOC epoxy coating that protects interior concrete floors while also enhancing their color.

When the surface dried, Samford applied Pro-Dye Plus in Sand. This addition made the surface darker and gave it some variation, creating a tasteful look for the basement floor. When the color was complete, he sealed the entire surface again for additional protection.

Stripping the surface of carpet and staining the concrete beneath made the basement a usable and enjoyable space for the homeowners to enjoy spending time in.

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