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  • 1 gal. bottles
  • 250 to 300 ft2 per gallon
  • Zero VOC
  • Water-based/acid-free
  • Interior / exterior use
  • Apply with a sprayer
  • Must be sealed with solvent-based sealer
  • 12 standard colors

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How to Apply Water-Based Concrete Stain

ARTesian Water-Based Stain is a user-friendly coloring option for placed concrete. ARTesian Stain can be used on stamped concrete, broom-finished concrete, exposed aggregate, and trowel-finished concrete. Available in a wide range of colors, ARTesian Stain can be blended and diluted readily to create new colors. Use different dilutions, blends, and application techniques to act as primary coloration, highlights, marbling, and detail color. Use a brush or sprayer to apply ARTesian Stain.

First check the current profile of the concrete. The concrete should readily absorb water. It should also be prepared sufficiently for the sealer prior to stain application. Brickform ARTesian Stain is ready to use out of the bottle. It can be diluted or blended with other stains for unique effects. Use the desired application technique, such as spraying, brushing, or sponging, to apply the stain to the concrete. Once all of the staining has been completed, allow the concrete to dry completely and apply sealer as instructed.

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